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#DD0XPics - Just got done watching “Leprechaun: Origins”; my review below. @WWEStudios @zachlipovsky @wwehornswoggle #WWEStudios #WWE #LeprechaunOrigins


"Leprechaun: Origins" my review (to attempt to not reveal much).

It was completely different from the original 6; saw a few nods to said original 6. Hornswoggle did a great job as The Leprechaun, made the character his own, and made sure it was completely different than Warwick Davis’ character. Kills were fantastic, 2 of which, I saw, were innovative (in terms of what I saw in a creature-horror film); fresh, new, and creative ways were made to stop The Leprechaun, and to retain a lot of elements that is from the mythological creature and lore of The Leprechaun. The ending leaves it open for sequels to be made. My verdict - Fantastic movie; I hope more will be made as a new franchise.

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